Blue Platform

Advancing Blue Bioeconomy Capacities in the Baltic Sea Region


The Blue Platform has realised numerous feats throughout its implementation period, including the publication of the comprehensive and interactive Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Actors Map: 8 comprehensive Topic Pages on Blue Bioeconomy Sectors; 8 Country Information Profiles: as well as a series of workshops (including on ‘Mapping Perspectives of the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic States’; ‘Innovative Technologies in Aquaculture’; and ‘Alignment of Aquaculture Legislation’. More workshops took place  online in 2021 due to COVID-19. The project organized the Better Off Blue 2.0 Conference and Webinar Series in 2021 and published Position Papers on Harmonisation and Alignment of Legislation relevant to the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic (based on the Position Paper on Aquaculture Legislation), as well as a Position Paper on the Harmonisation and Alignment of Funding. The original SUBMARINER Network Roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy 2030 was updated with the support of Blue Platform.  The new roadmap is available under Roadmap BEYOND 2021.

In addition, Blue Platform has published a ‘Manual with Recommendations for Effective Blue Bioeconomy interventions in the Baltic Sea Region’ alongside a web-based overview of inspiring Good Practices from the Baltic Sea Blue Bioeconomy. 

Capitalizing on Blue Bioeconomy projects

The Blue Bioeconomy is an important pillar for achieving sustainable and resource-efficient Blue Growth. Based on the SUBMARINER Roadmap (2013), network members implemented a range of complementary projects over the past years, funded through INTERREG, BONUS or HORIZON.

Projects like *Smart Blue Regions, *Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance, *Baltic Blue Growth, *MUSES, *InnoAquaTech, *AquaBest, *Plan4Blue, *BlueWEBS, *BIOCAS or *BalticRIM pooled & increased knowledge and capacities on aquaculture, mussel and algae farming, blue biotechnology, and smart combinations of marine and terrestrial uses within the Baltic Sea Region.

The three-year Blue Platform project enables us to:

  • synthesize project outputs and make them easily accessible
  • promote achievements and the use of project outputs by sharing
  • them with all relevant actors, as well as integrate them in new initiatives
  • broaden & deepen dialogue and cooperation between the Blue Bioeconomy activities of the public sector, research communitiesand private companies
  • define the next steps to further advance the development of the Blue Bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea region.

Bringing actors together face-to-face

We will organise numerous round-tables, workshops and conferences:

  • in each Baltic Sea Region country
  • with as many actors as possible
  • to raise their awareness and capacities
  • to disseminate and create knowledge
  • to increase transnational & cross-sectoral dialogues, cooperation & partnerships
  • to engage public sector, research communities and companies...

Covering a broad range of blue bioeconomy topics:

  • effective funding for aquaculture, facilitated via the EMFF
  • coordinating funding priorities between the EMFF, ERDF and EAFRD programmes
  • actions to create a favourable legal & licensing environment
  • support the development and uptake of blue biotechnology products & services (e.g. feed, food, cosmetics, health, energy)
  • aquaculture good practice & technology
  • commercialising mussel & algae farming

Shaping the future of the Blue Bioeconomy

Blue Platform activities will help define and prioritise the next generation of Blue Bioeconomy support actions. We will take an active role in the following processes related to updates of: 

  • The SUBMARINER Roadmap 2020
  • The EU Blue Bioeconomy Strategy
  • The Action Plan of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy
  • The HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
  • The Baltic and North Sea Research Agenda
  • The EMFF & ERDF operational programmes
  • The Smart Specialisation Strategies

A dynamic website & service point
The SUBMARINER Network website will be the first
information and service point for all actors interested in the Blue
Bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea Region, and we provide easy access to:

Understanding the Blue Bioeconomy landscape...

• companies, regulatory bodies, support organisations, research
• facilities, bioresources, services

Manuals, Guidelines & Good Practices on…

• technology & techniques, legal & licensing requirements, environmental
assessments, model contracts, business support and

Reports & Analyses about…

• strategies, action plans and funding programmes
• market assessments, current & future research

Tools & Methods for…

• optimal siting or technology
• coaching, training & educational material

Services & Opportunities for…

• cooperation initiatives
• PhDs & post-docs, internships, jobs
• workshops & seminars, study tours, training programmes, conferences

Lead partner


Anne-Mari Luhtanen, Finnish Environment Institute
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SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth

Angela Schultz-Zehden, (Platform Coordinator)
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Project partners 

  • Swedish Board of Agriculture (PAC Bioeconomy / EMFF MA Network)
  • Guldborgsund Municipality, Denmark
  • University of Gdansk, Poland
  • Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
  • Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, Lithuania
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Kaliningrad State Technical University, Russian Federation


Oct 2018 – Sep 2021

Total budget
€1.05 million

European Regional Development Fund
€0.79 million

European Neighbourhood Instrument
€0.05 million

Norwegian Funding
€0 million


SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

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